Welcome to “I have peripheral neuropathy (PN)”.  I crafted this website for one primary reason.  Simply put, because I, like you, have peripheral neuropathy, I have been on a mission over the years to understand this mostly chronic disease and find ways to mitigate the pain and discomfort.  I would end up hunting for products and services I could use to treat and mitigate the pain. During my quest, I had to do a lot of research, reading countless books and articles on the topic, trying out many types of product and services.  In the course of scouring the internet for all the various types of information on peripheral neuropathy I came to realize that there was no single website that would consolidate information, products and services into one place.  For this reason I decided to embark on putting this website together.  Here you will find all the types of products that relate to peripheral neuropathy and you can collect them here into an anonymous shopping cart and when you are ready to finish your purchase you will be buying checking out through Amazon.com.

This website is also about community, so it will soon include a forum where you can share your story and interact with others with related issues.  You can share the things you have done that have worked for you to relieve the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.  You can rate products and services under the “Shop” tab.  You can educate yourself about peripheral neuropathy as I have provided you with a multitude of links to other reference articles

I will be interviewing people all across the world in order to have interesting articles about peripheral neuropathy and some of the alternative forms of medicine that some people have found success with.

Soon, I will be adding an informal survey so that we can each learn more about the symptoms and issues that our community  faces.

I welcome your input and comments in order to improve this website.  I plan to respond to your suggestions and comments publicly so please let me know how I can improve this website so that you will make this one of your favorite bookmarks.

May relief be close at hand!

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