Arthritis Hand Exerciser Adjustable Resistance Gripper Exercises for Seniors, Weak and Hand Therapy Patients

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SPORTS & OUTDOORS – The Archer Hand Grip is for hand therapy but offer a challenge to all types of athletes including baseball players and golfers that want to improve their bat and golf swing speed. Even rock climbers that want to improve their finger grip will appreciate the advanced finger exercises they can perform and that will improve the finger grip strength
HAND THERAPY – View the images to see how the Archer design will help those with a weak grip increase strength, loosen stiff little fingers and improve the strength in weaker hands. It will support hand recovery for stroke patients, help with arthritis in the hands of senior citizens, and help with pain relief. It will help improve carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and it provides great hand exercises for seniors

Product Description

6-in-1 Adjustable Forearm Workout Exercise Equipment

Ergonomically designed for multiple forearm, finger, and hand exercises.

It’s a hand arthritis exerciser that helps with hand therapy and stroke recovery. It
helps relieve trigger finger, trigger thumb, and Carpal Tunnel symptoms. Low
tension improves hand grip strength for seniors and helps loosen stiff little
fingers. Advanced users will benefit from the more difficult finger exercises.

The Archer Hand Grip offers great forearm workouts! The high tension
level adjusts for athletes to build rock climbing hand and forearm strength and
builds grip strength for improved baseball and golf swing speed.

Hand exercise tool offers custom exercises to improve finger strength and
dexterity for guitar and piano players.

What Makes the 6-in-1 Hand Grip Exerciser different?

Unlike other exercisers, the ergonomic design lets you work out the hands in
multiple ways. Decreasing tension causes the handles to narrow enabling
weaker hands to get a comfortable grip for more effective hand exercises.
It also lets those with a robust grip do the more difficult finger exercises.

Increasing tension spreads the handles for those that want heavier hand
and forearm workouts. Choose the level that is best for you! Knob adjusts so
you can increase resistance as your hand strength improves.

Other hand grippers offer only limited hand exercises. Those that look the same
as the Archer Hand Grip start out with tension levels too high and the handles
are not adjustable. This limits the number of people who can benefit from it.
The Archer hand exerciser lets you replace other popular hand exercisers with
one hand exerciser
100% Money Back Guarantee!
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☞ CHOOSE YOUR RANGE OF STRENGTH RESISTANCE and see for yourself how this hand exerciser is superior standard grip strengtheners and hand exercisers – you can start at a comfortable resistance and adjust tension as you progress.
☞ IDEAL FOR HAND PHYSICAL THERAPY such as arthritis in the hand, tendonitis, trigger finger, tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
☞ ERGONOMIC HAND GRIPPER ADJUSTS for grip strengthening and building finger, wrist, and forearm strength. It will benefit anyone from those needing hand therapy to massage therapists, musicians, such as guitar, piano, and violin players, golfers, tennis and baseball players, even rock climbers, and bodybuilders.
☞ NON-SLIP RUBERIZED HANDLES provide comfort and make it a more pleasant and enjoyable experience to use. It weighs less than 10 ounces, and it is convenient to use while driving or watching television.
☞ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. The hand exerciser was engineered using top quality materials and made for long-term and frequent use. The Archer Hand Exerciser is fulfilled by Amazon and backed with a Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee. We assume all the risk – There is no risk to you. ORDER YOUR HAND EXERCISER TODAY.

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