I first started noticing a weird sensation in the middle toe of my right hand foot back around 2008.  The sensation was somewhat odd in that I lacked full feeling at the bottom of that toe to the degree that if I would have stepped on some glass I don’t think I would have felt it.  Although I brought this to the attention of my family physician, neither my Doctor or I considered it serious in any way so I did not take any further action. A year later in 2009 I noticed that the same weird numb sensation had spread to two other adjoining toes on my right foot and also started on the middle toe on my left foot.  The progression was slow and steady but by the following year in 2010 all my toes on my right foot had this sensation. The overall sensation had escalated to include numbness while at the same time they felt like they were asleep with pins and needles sticking into them while at the same time my toes felt like they were on fire. Often it would feel like I was wearing 5 layers of sox that were slipping down near the ball of my feet.  As the symptoms had became much more pronounced and uncomfortable I approached my doctor about it again and he sent me to a neurologist who completed a conductivity test on my nerves using electrical impulses.  I was told that the myelin ( the coating that protects the nerve on the outside) is in good condition since it is the myelin that conducts the electrical impulses introduced by the testing machine and everything tested out normal.  He further explained that that the inner nerve fibres may be damaged but there was no test that could determine that for sure.  Unfortunately this meant that I knew what it wasn’t but not what it was. Not knowing what is cause the problem was driving me crazy but as I did more and more research I was able to figure a few things out myself.

I discovered through my aunt, that my grandmother on my fathers side also had the same symptoms.  I also remember my dad had complained about his toes at times when he was still alive, but being young at the time I did not really pay much attention.  A neurologist I consulted with recently said that peripheral neuropathy was also known to be hereditary and that my symptoms may be related to hereditary circumstances.

Another factor I had to take into consideration was that my blood sugar had been rising over the past 4 years to the point that I have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic as I am near the borderline of being considered a diabetic even though nobody on either side of my family are diabetic.  So recently I have taken several classes at the hospital and read several articles about pre-diabetes it’s symptoms, one of which is peripheral neuropathy, and how to control it with diet and exercise.

I am now on a journey to control the pain and other related symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy with all I have learned so far and all will continue as I will enhance my knowledge on the topic day by day.  As I do this I am sharing and updating my story with you.

My advice to you?  Realize that your family physician, when examining you, may spend about 10 minutes with you trying to determine the cause of your peripheral neuropathy.  You, however, have the unfortunate luxury of living with the symptoms 24/7/365, so it is really up to you to determine the most likely causes and to take all measures available to you to lessen the discomfort.  To do this you have to become your own best expert on the topic of peripheral neuropathy and be willing to try different products and services knowing that you have to experiment on yourself as you go along.