In this section I would like to hear from each of you.  Let’s share our experiences with PN.  So, sign up and leave your comments  Some questions you might want to consider in order to get going are:

  • When did your symptoms start?
  • What types of symptoms do you have?
  • Since when have you had it?
  • Do you suspect what is causing it?
  • What remedies have you found to relieve the symptoms?
  • Do others in your family really understand what you are dealing with?




  1. Phil

    I have had peripheral neuropathy for years with my feet, and didn’t even realize I had it, as such, or the implications. It is a strong indicator for the need to address issues around blood sugar sensitivity.

    I now wear special insulated orthopedic shoes with a “deep box” that avoid pinching the toes. I also carefully massage both feet twice a day. This helps to stimulate sensation.

    I spoke with a podiatrist who has given me a prescription food supplement that can, in some cases, help restore some sensation. I am trying you the samples he gave me. At this point, I am not sure. I may elect to try them over a significant period of time.

    One thing I learned from RBC Life, a nutrient network marketing company with superb, cutting-edge supplements, is that their popular “Microhydren” can help. My understanding is that it is a challenge with this condition is to get blood to the feet. Apparently, the feet need more oxygen, which this supplement provides on a molecular level.

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