Chiropractic Peripheral Neuropathy Patient

Peripheral Neuropathy has many different causes.  One of the most significant is diabetes, however there are other forms related to the compression of nerves in the spine.  This can be due to a herniated disc as an example where the disc is compressing some nerve fibers which ultimately are connected to your feet.

The first line of treatment chiropractic may offer is regular spinal adjustments.  This traditional form of treatment may allow your spine to be adjusted and move the herniated disc enough over time to relieve the pressure on the pinched nerve(s).

Your chiropractor may however, determine that more intensive treatment is required to relieve the pressure on pinched nerves which may call for Spinal Decompression.  This treatment calls for a person to lie on a table that has two halves, the top onto which your torso lies and the bottom onto which your legs & hips lie.  The body, thus the spine, is put into temporary computer controlled traction by adjusting the lower part of the table to move slightly further apart from the upper part of the table.  All this can happen of course because your hips and legs are strapped to the lower part of the table while your torso is strapped to the upper part of the table.  After several minutes per cycle, as determined by the chiropractor, the table adjusts back to a position to allow the spine to relax.  This process is repeated several times during each treatment session which may last 30-40 minutes per session.

If your neuropathy is clearly not related to pinched nerves then your chiropractor may recommend a fairly new and revolutionary treatment called Combined Electrochemical Treatment (CET).  This form of treatment calls for 2 distinct procedures, 1) Inject a local anesthetic (bupivacaine 0.25%) into the certain areas of the foot in particular around the ankle in order to numb the nerves then 2) hook the foot/legs with electrodes to an electrical stimulation generator that creates electrical impulses of various frequencies and amplitude known to physically allow the nerves cells to heal by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation.  The typical full treatment cycle for CET may call for 20 treatments over a 3 month period.

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