There are few things more physically relaxing and satisfying than a massage.  The health benefits of massage transcend the simple feeling of relaxation.  Provided that your massage therapist is a certified massage therapist with a CMT degree you will be in good hands to treat your peripheral neuropathy.

I have been to many Asian massage centers and despite having a relaxing session each time my request for special treatment for my peripheral neuropathy went unanswered.  Simply your low cost Asian massage therapists are not certified in massage and they do not know how to treat peripheral neuropathy with massage let alone having ever heard of the condition.

CMT’s in the United States and Canada are well versed with every section of the human body as that is a requirement of passing their exam, but more than that they are also trained regarding many of the physical conditions that people suffer from and they know how to specifically treat those conditions with massage.

Treating peripheral neuropathy with massage primarily means helping to increase the blood circulation in the part of the body that is suffering from the PN symptoms.  Poor blood circulation exacerbates PN symptoms and can be address with good massage therapy techniques.

To find a good massage therapist one should first call the massage therapist and ask how they would treat PN.  You will know right away if they even know what PN is.  If they do then you should ask how they specifically treat your symptoms.  You will know right away if they know their stuff because they should first ask you where specifically you are suffering from the symptoms of PN.  Some people have it in their feet and lower legs others in their hand and lower arms, while in severe cases it is felt throughout most of the body.

Massage therapy treatment may not only consist of direct physical massage, rather the addition of heat and cold treatment with towels and treatment before the massage in a hot tub or sauna.

If you chose to use massage therapy for treating your PN then you should consider to use it on a regular basis, at least once per week, otherwise the treatment will have minimal recurring effects.